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Press Release: CyberSaint Security Raises $3 Million In Growth Financing


BOSTON, May 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- CyberSaint Security, a cybersecurity software company providing a comprehensive solution to cyber-resilience, compliance and risk management through the CyberStrong Platform, today announced the closing of a $3 million growth round of financing. The proceeds will be used to expand its worldwide sales team and fuel continued platform innovation.  The round was co-led by Audeo Capital and founding investor, BlueIO.

The exponential increase in cyberattacks and data breaches in the last few years has created a desperate need for both the private and public sectors to organize their cybersecurity defenses. Governments and industry groups have responded with a dramatic increase in new regulations, mandates, and compliance frameworks to provide guidelines by which their constituents can address cybersecurity threats. CyberSaint's CyberStrong Platform empowers organizations to implement automated, intelligent cybersecurity compliance and risk management rapidly, thoroughly, and continuously.

"We co-founded CyberSaint with the mission to provide organizations with a platform that would enable them to treat cybersecurity as a core business function," said Dave Furneaux, CEO of BlueIO. "We are grateful that the experienced builders at Audeo Capital have joined our team to execute on our shared vision."

"Helping customers easily adopt powerful frameworks such as the NIST CSF and enabling them to report to constituents in an automated, continuous, business-driven process powered by patented AI addresses a large gap in the market," added CyberSaint Founder and CEO, George Wrenn.

"The dramatic increase in cyber threats and attacks have put companies in the unenviable position of protecting themselves from the unknown. Most enterprises are trying to best understand how to protect themselves today, while building a strong foundation of protection for the future.  

"CyberStrong is a comprehensive cyber security platform that helps companies address and remediate current weaknesses in their security methodology while helping them build world-class security programs that can comply to and adopt complex rules and government regulations. CyberSaint's sophisticated yet easy-to-implement and operate platform positions enterprises to protect their most valuable resources. Audeo Capital is excited to partner with BlueIO and the CyberSaint team to enable our customers to become cyber strong in today's world of continued cyber uncertainty," stated Robert Forman, Managing Partner of Audeo Capital.

Built upon a proprietary, patent-pending technology stack, CyberStrong's AI and Machine Learning capabilities augment and enhance compliance and risk programs, using cyber-risk profiling, optimization, measurement, documentation and workflow that enables continuous compliance with even the most complex cybersecurity standards. 

The Platform leverages its NIST-based rules engine to score an organization's cybersecurity posture through the continuous assessment of applications, vendors, internal systems and environments. Credible risk data, intuitive dashboards, actionable threat intelligence and C-level reports strengthen cybersecurity transparency and communication between both the IT and business stakeholders.

CyberStrong's early adopters include recognized industry leaders in biotech, education, aerospace, semiconductor manufacturing, environmental services, critical infrastructure and more, including Fortune 500 companies. The company's Partner Program was also launched this quarter with partnerships from organizations such as GuidePoint Security, Netanium, Blum Shapiro (Baker Tilly International), and others. 

About CyberSaint

CyberSaint Security empowers organizations to implement automated, intelligent cybersecurity compliance and risk management that enables measurement, enhances communication and improves cybersecurity resiliency. The CyberSaint team's intellectual DNA winds deeply through the academic, tech, and investment communities in Boston, the White House, RSA, IBM, EMC, MIT, Harvard, University of Cambridge, KPMG and others. 

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