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Gartner Defines SOAR: Security Operations, Analytics & Reporting


Cybersecurity technology is rapidly evolving as more companies are seeing the value of building proactive cyber programs.

Major data breaches are becoming far too common, and recent cyber attacks have generated the demand for a more automated, intelligent approach to cybersecurity program management for business owners and their teams. 

Hello, SOAR

Gartner announced a new kind of cybersecurity technology category called Security Operations, Analytics, and Reporting (SOAR). CyberSaint’s CyberStrong platform fits into this category nicely as it brings several technologies into one, offering data-driven reports and recommendations on your cyber posture as well as threat monitoring and other features.

In a publication entitled “Innovation Tech Insight for Security Operations, Analytics and Reporting Architecture”, Oliver Rochford and Paul Proctor wrote that a true SOAR platform utilizes “security data to provide reporting, analysis and management capabilities to support operational security teams”. CyberSaint does just this, enabling the use of individual company data to intelligently manage a company’s cyber-related business processes. These technologies also should allow for “decision-making logic and context to provide formalized workflows and enable informed remediation prioritization”, which CyberSaint offers through roadmaps for remediation based on cost-benefit analysis. This information and subsequent recommendations informs and propels the decision-making process that any cyber program should have in place, and efficiently streamlines the process. Altogether, CyberSaint provides the intelligence that you wish you had for your cybersecurity program.

The Industry's Ask

It only makes logical sense that at one point, the security industry would express the need for a platform to run their cyber programs on, and although SOAR platforms are now worthy of their own designation, the intelligent and unmatched capabilities of CyberStrong speak volumes, and the time-to-value is the quickest on the market allowing you to proactively manage your cyber program in hours.

Sales, marketing, finance, HR.. all these departments have platforms to manage their business processes on. Now, your security team and the cybersecurity industry has CyberStrong. 

Read the full Gartner document here.

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