Incentives for Adopting the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF)


Found a very interesting DHS C3 Paper that includes a section on incentives that may be coming our way to help firms accelerate adoption and resilience. My sense is that its going to start with carrot based approach and then may include sanctions for those firms that disregard cybersecurity best practices.

What incentives will be offered for the Cybersecurity Framework?

EO 13636 orders the establishment of a set of incentives designed to promote participation in the program.

The types of incentives to be offered are still under consideration, and include cybersecurity insurance, grants, process preference, liability limitation, streamline regulations, public recognition, rate recovered for price regulated industries, and cybersecurity research.

How do I access the incentives to adopt the Cybersecurity Framework?

Potential incentives are currently undergoing review. When incentives are finalized, organizations will work directly with the department or agency providing the incentive.

How would my organization engage with the C³ Voluntary Program to demonstrate we are using the Cybersecurity Framework in order to qualify for incentives?

The C³ Voluntary Program is not going to validate whether or not any organization is using the Cybersecurity Framework. An organization will have to work with the agency tasked with overseeing that incentive to determine if the organization does or does not qualify. The C³ Voluntary Program is a convening mechanism for discussions about incentives, but has no role in the issuance of incentives.



George WrennDHS, CSF