Corporations are Urged to Become More Militant in Their Cybersecurity Approach

In a great article from CFO, corporations are urged to become more militant with their approach to cybersecurity.

Corporations in America are aware of cybersecurity risk, however many don't invest in a way that will truly strengthen their cybersecurity posture. Glad Peleg, CEO of SecBI, comments “Executives see security as an ROI-less investment mandated by regulation”. Corporate executives know that threats of cyberattacks are real, and even Warren Buffet commented recently that “the number one problem with mankind”. Breaches have been recent - recall the Democratic National Committee, Chipotle. 

While organizations are already installing between six and 50 security products, their approach mostly creates a reactive approach to cybersecurity, putting corporations in defense without full understanding of what is going on, especially when an actual breach is detected.

“The answer is not to impose more regulation, nor to enforce companies to share information… it’s really more about proficient manpower, training, and guidance”.

The article concludes that the NIST Cybersecurity Framework is the most cohesive, relevant framework that will provide the necessary guidance for companies strengthening their cybersecurity posture. NIST provides a proactive - as opposed to reactive - approach to security.