A Selection of Forbes's 60 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018

On the Forbes contributor channel, writers were talking about the biggest predictions in cybersecurity for 2018. 

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"The probability is high that we will see the first major cyberattack on US critical infrastructure. We’ve already seen power grids and manufacturing plants in Europe attacked over the past two years -- and 2018 will likely be the first year when we will see a significant attack on the United States critical infrastructure.  In October, the FBI and DHS warned of advanced persistent threat activity targeting energy, nuclear, water, aviation, construction, and critical manufacturing sectors. Critical infrastructure companies are behind in preparing their operational facilities to confront cyberattacks -- making them an easy target for politically-motivated attackers.

It's clear the frameworks and standards are here to stay.

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In 2017, there were several large-scale breaches that covered three key areas: sensitive healthcare information, government clearance information, and financial and credit data. In 2018, that data could become available on the dark Internet in aggregate, giving any individual or group the opportunity to conduct small-scale and highly targeted attacks such as bribery or eliciting an illegal act."