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faster, better decision making

How Cybersecurity Dashboards Enable Better Decision Making


Know Why Cybersecurity Dashboards Can Enhance Your Business and Technical Discussions

For information security leaders and cyber risk managers, visibility into your program is paramount to your success when reporting to executives like the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Leveraging cybersecurity dashboards that give you insight and visibility into your cyber program is critical to identifying key performance indicators and relaying the status of risk management activities to the rest of the organization. 

In this guide you will learn: 

  • What are the key elements to a cybersecurity program management dashboard
  • Why managers and directors need to leverage an integrated approach to reduce friction and augment their teams 
  • How management dashboards enable business leaders to participate in cybersecurity discussions

Management Rollups

Roll all assessments up to see your cyber posture and status of assessments in progress. 


Different Lenses

See risk and compliance broken down through lenses for all stakeholders through the assessment process.


Assessment-level Dashboards

See the status of an individual assessment and the risks facing that asset at a glance. 

Security and Risk Management Leader
Large Manufacturing Organization

"It’s the single source of truth for compliance and risk management, as we have very large customers and highly regulated industries. If we didn’t use this platform, we would waste large amounts of time. It would take us a lot of time to not even have half of what the platform provides, and we'd be using spreadsheets and manual processes."