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CyberStrong Governance Dashboards

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CyberStrong Governance Dashboard Overview

The Board and C-suite has rapidly inducted cyber risk and compliance. Information security leaders are now charged with presenting key risk and compliance activities and the results of their risk management programs to not just technical leadership but business leadership as well. This shift has changed the way CISOs and technical leaders present their risk reports and metrics. Much like static assessments are no longer sufficient, outdated as soon as they’re completed, enterprise CISOs can no longer rely exclusively on static risk reports. Instead, enterprise cybersecurity leaders must embrace dynamic risk dashboards that illustrate cyber risk to the Board and C-suite in a way that is actionable. 

CyberStrong’s Governance Dashboards illustrate enterprise-wide risk and compliance in a way that bridges the gap between technical and business leaders. Ranging from high-level metrics of the enterprise broken down by business unit, location, and asset type, information security leaders can present their programs in a way that transforms the conversation around cyber risk with business leaders. Download and read more about CyberStrong’s Governance Dashboards including:

  • How to use Governance Dashboards to present to technical and business stakeholders 
  • How Governance Dashboards can present cybersecurity program data that are actionable to business-side decision-makers 
  • How you can present your cybersecurity program by business unit, location, or asset type

Segment enterprise-wide data

Illustrate cybersecurity program data by business unit, location, and asset type.


Dynamic Drill Downs

Dive deeper into cybersecurity program gaps from the subcategory down to control levels. 


Transparent reporting

Grounded in gold-standard methodologies that have been crafted and vetted by leading organizations. 

Paul Proctor
VP Analyst, Gartner

A major component of future cybersecurity success is the engagement of executives. You don’t just need money; you need smart money, spent in a business context.