Stay in the Know for STRONGER 2023!

CyberSaint is thrilled to be hosting our annual STRONGER conference, September 12-14, 2023. The virtual conference will be three days focused on top-of-mind challenges security and business leaders face in the digital age and we hope to see you there! 

Each track will focus on a different aspect of the digital landscape through the lens of industry thought leaders, CyberSaint subject matter experts, partners, and community members. 

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STRONGER 2023 Tracks


Cyber Risk Management

The Cyber Risk Management conference track explores cyber risk as a critical aspect of modern organizational performance as attacks continue to increase in frequency and sophistication. This conference track will delve into important topics that organizations need to understand to effectively manage their cyber risks, including: 

  • Cyber risk quantification
  • Regulations and standards
  • Cybersecurity maturity
  • C-suite and Board reporting
  • Applications of automation in cyber risk management


The Pulse of Cyber

The Pulse of Cyber in 2023 conference track will provide a comprehensive look at the current state of the cybersecurity landscape. Security leaders will learn what they need to know to protect their organizations from cyber threats in the ever-evolving digital world from industry experts. The Pulse of Cyber 2023 topics will include: 

  • Digital transformation and digitalization
  • IoT security 
  • Threat intelligence 
  • Cloud security 


Shaping the Cyber Landscape

The Shaping the Cyber Landscape conference track will explore the forces and faces shaping the cybersecurity industry today and for the future. Leave with a greater understanding of the key trends shaping the cyber landscape and the knowledge necessary to succeed in a rapidly evolving economic climate. The track will address a variety of topics, including:

  • The impact of economic turbulence on cyber innovation
  • Introduction of new technologies and impending consolidation within cyber markets
  • The emergence of new job titles and roles in the field 
  • Geopolitical impact on the cybersecurity industry 



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