Stay in the Know for STRONGER 2024!

CyberSaint is thrilled to be hosting our annual STRONGER conference, September 17-19, 2024. The virtual conference will be three days focused on top-of-mind challenges security and business leaders face in the digital age and we hope to see you there! 

Each track will focus on topics and areas relevant to all facets of cyber risk and cybersecurity organizations through the lens of industry thought leaders, CyberSaint subject matter experts, partners, and community members. 

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STRONGER 2024 Tracks

Executive Insight: Navigating Risk, Regulation, and Transformation

This track is designed for CISOs and other executive leaders, offering critical insights into the dynamic landscape of cyber risk management and cybersecurity. Sessions will cover effective board communication and reporting strategies, navigating new regulations like the SEC rule, and the impacts of emerging technologies on the enterprise. Additionally, the track will address the impact of geopolitical and macroeconomic conditions on cyber risk, methods for prioritizing and justifying cybersecurity investments, leadership during cyber crises, and ensuring security in digital transformation initiatives.

  • Effective Board Reporting: Communicating Cyber Risk in the Boardroom
  • Regulatory Readiness: Complying with the latest regulations such as the SEC Cyber Risk Reporting Rules
  • Emerging Tech Trends: Understanding the impact to cyber risk management with new technologies like AI
  • Global Risk Landscape: Geopolitical and macroeconomic factors in cybersecurity
  • Crisis Leadership: Best practices for managing and leading through major cyber incidents

Risk Management Excellence: Program Management, Automation, and Maturity

This track focuses on the critical aspects of cyber risk management for managers and directors. Sessions will explore advanced methods for quantifying cyber risk, leveraging automation to enhance risk assessment and management, and maturing cybersecurity programs. Topics include integrating threat intelligence into risk management practices, developing and testing incident response plans, managing supply chain risk, crafting effective cybersecurity metrics and reports, and developing and enforcing comprehensive cybersecurity policies. This track aims to equip cyber risk leaders with the knowledge and tools to elevate their risk management strategies and practices.

  • Quantifying Cyber Risk: Financial approaches and methodologies
  • Automation in Risk Management: Enhancing efficiency and accuracy
  • Program Maturity Models: Developing and evolving your cybersecurity program
  • Integrating Threat Intelligence: Leveraging data for proactive risk management
  • Incident Response Planning: Building and testing effective response strategies

Practitioner’s Playbook: Practical Solutions, Advanced Techniques, and Leading Strategies

This track is tailored for cybersecurity practitioners, offering hands-on sessions and in-depth discussions. Topics include best practices for identity and access management, vulnerability management, endpoint security, network defense, and application security. Additionally, the track will cover advanced data protection methods, securing cloud environments, and effective tools and techniques for incident detection and response. Practitioners will gain practical knowledge and skills to enhance their organization's cybersecurity posture and effectively manage cyber risks.

  • Vulnerability Management: Identifying, prioritizing, and remediating threats
  • Endpoint Security: Protecting devices and data in a distributed workforce
  • Network Defense Strategies: Securing your network infrastructure
  • Incident Detection and Response: Tools and techniques for rapid response

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