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Register for STRONGER 2021

CyberSaint is thrilled to be hosting our inaugural STRONGER conference, September 28-30, 2021. The virtual conference will be three days focused on top-of-mind challenges security and business leaders face in the digital age and we hope to see you there! 

Each day will focus on a different aspect of the digital landscape through the lens of industry thought leaders, CyberSaint subject matter experts, partners, and community members. 

STRONGER 2021 Tracks and Featured Talks

Tuesday, September 28th: Frameworks & Standards

With the rapid shift of regulatory requirements, gold-standard frameworks that guide the ongoing development of a security program have never been more important. In the Frameworks & Standards track, we dive into how organizations can take a holistic approach to risk and compliance management using frameworks to bridge the gap between technical and business leadership.

Frameworks & Standards Keynote: Aligning Security & Privacy Using the NIST Risk Management Framework

Too often security and privacy are seen as discrete challenges, with privacy being siloed. However, as we are beginning to see, privacy regulation is having as much of an impact on the landscape as security and as a result, organizations need to effectively integrate the management of security and privacy to gain a holistic understanding of the organization’s posture. In this keynote, we explore how risk management (specifically the NIST Risk Management Framework) can connect security and privacy and enable comprehensive management of these functions in the digital age.

Join Dominique Shelton-Leipzig, Partner, Privacy & Security at Perkins Coie and Padraic O'Reilly, Chief Product Officer of CyberSaint in this insightful talk moderated by Matt Alderman of Security Weekly Productions. 


Breakout Sessions for Frameworks & Standards

  • It's a BIG Deal. The President's EO14028- Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity Presented by Dr. George Trawick, Mississippi State University
  • Navigating Regulation Across Borders: Implication of the New Brazilian Cyber Law Presented by Julia Atkinson, Siemens Energy
  • Roadmap to Compliance - Various Approaches to Complying with DIB Regulations and Standards Presented by Michael Battistella, President, Solutions 3
  • Cyber Risk Management as a Strategic Business Enabler: Moving beyond Compliance and Risk Presented by Patrick von Schlag, President, Deep Creek Center
  • Three Reasons You Need a Cybersecurity Framework Presented by Angela Dingle, President & CEO, Ex-Nihilo Management

Wednesday, September 29th: Security & Risk

To succeed in the digital age, risk must shift from a reactive to a proactive function within the organization. Enabled by real-time risk solutions and a wave of demand at the Board level for cyber and IT risk insights, security and risk teams are shifting their relationship from siloed to integrated. In this track, we explore the new age of cyber and IT risk management and how security teams can leverage new data coming from risk teams.

Breakout Sessions for Security & Risk

Thursday, September 30th: CISOs in the Boardroom and Beyond

In this track, we dive into the soft skills that technical leaders haven’t historically needed but are absolute necessities in the digital age. From cultivating business relationships to presenting their security posture in a business context, security leaders have to straddle business and technical in ways we’ve never seen before. These sessions will empower you with the skills necessary to build essential relationships and enhance communication across the enterprise while managing a technical business function.

Breakout Sessions for CISOs in the Boardroom & Beyond

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