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Reduce Vendor Risk With A VRM Platform

Critical Capabilities of a Vendor Risk Management Platform


The Buying Guide to Vendor Risk Management Platforms

With more and more organizations outsourcing skills and functions that are not within their core competencies, vendor lists are growing at an exponential rate. 75% of mid-sized companies and enterprises saw their vendor list to grow by 20% or more in 2018, while only 38% are very confident that they know that number of vendors with privileged access to their systems. 

More and more, technology third-party risk management is of greatest importance to business operations. While governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) programs tout vendor risk management abilities - their strength lies more in meeting regulatory compliance.  

Now that Boards and CEOs are taking greater care to ensure strong cyber posture within the organization, information security leaders must look at their vendor ecosystem with the same care as they do their internal posture. Leveraging existing risk management processes, risk assessments, and due diligence, leaders must also look to vendor risk management software to support that effort. 

In the CyberSaint Vendor Risk Management Platform Buying Guide you will learn: 

  • The critical capabilities of a vendor risk management platform 
  • Practical examples of each critical capability and why it matters to your organization
  • The necessary steps to take to ensure that your VRM software or solution is enabling you to take the necessary steps to ensure you are future-proofing your information security program

Access the Vendor Risk Management Solution Buying Guide and read offline


Streamlined Risk Assessments

Use industry-standard NIST 800-30 risk assessment methodology with elements of FAIR to assess risk internally and with vendors.


Centralize Vendor Questionnaires

Import your vendor questionnaire and automatically aggregate all responses and benchmark against your own risk profiles. 


Automated Gap Analyses and Remediation

Use CyberStrong IRM's powerful visualizations to identify gaps in vendors' security and where risks lie.


75% of the Fortune 500 will treat Vendor Risk Management as a board-level issue by 2020