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Security & Risk Terms

Understand and explore key terms and concepts within cybersecurity and risk. Click any of the terms below to learn more. 

What is a GRC Tool?

What is GRC?

What is a Risk Management Framework?

What is CMMC?

What are CMMC Requirements?

Who needs to comply with CMMC?

What is CMMC Certification?

What is CMMC Compliance?

What is Audit Software?

What is a Security Risk Dashboard?

What are NIST 800 53 Controls?

What is NIST CSF?

What is NIST RMF?

What is Risk-Based Compliance Management?

What is NIST CSF maturity?

What is a GRC audit?

What is GRC software?

What does GRC stand for?

What is HIPAA?

What is the HIPAA Security Rule?

What is CCPA?

What are the NIST CSF implementation tiers?

How do you Quantify Cybersecurity Risk?

What is a Risk Appetite Statement?

What is a POA&M?

Where should DoD employees look for guidance on safeguarding CUI?

What is FAIR Model in Cybersecurity?

What are NIST Cybersecurity Framework Scorecards?

What is CUI?

What is GRC technology?

What is Splunk?

What is an IRM vendor?

What is an MSSP?

What is a risk assessment template?

What is a security posture?

What is a SOC?

What is a SIEM?

What is NIST in cybersecurity?

What is SOAR?

What is CAASM?

What is Feed Enrichment?

 What is IOC?

What is Cyber Risk Management? 

What are the NIST 800-171 requirements?

What is Risk Quantification?

What is a CISO Board Report?

What should a CISO board report contain?

What is a Cybersecurity Report?

What is a Cybersecurity Dashboard?

What is a Cyber Security Risk Assessment Report?

What is an IT Risk Assessment Report?

What is a NIST CSF Scorecard?

What is NIST 800-30?

How do I map NIST to CMMC?

How do I map DFARS to NIST?

What does DFARS Stand for?

What is Cybersecurity Performance Management?

What is an Endpoint Manager?

What is Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center?

What is Enterprise Security Architecture?

What is a BISO?

What is GDPR vs. CCPA?

What is FedRAMP?

What is an Asset Scanning Tool?

What are the most common types of cyber-attacks?

What is HIPAA compliance?

What is SOC 2?

What is GDPR compliance?

What is Integrated Risk Management (IRM)?

What is a CISO?

What is a CIO Cybersecurity Dashboard?

What is the difference between a CISO and CTO?

What is Zero Trust Security?

What is SIEM in security?

What is SIEM security?

What is SIEM monitoring?

What is SIEM used for?

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