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How It Works

CyberSaint's solutions deliver unmatched automation to enable continuous assessment, risk quantification, and inform decision making.

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Why CyberSaint?

CyberSaint's CyberStrong platform provides unparalleled visibility into organizations’ cyber risk posture, automates continuous compliance, and creates resilience from assessment to Boardroom. 

Continuous Control Automation (CCA)

Leverage continuous control automation to score controls, monitor compliance, and view your real-time posture against frameworks, standards, and custom controls. See changes to control scores as data in your environment changes, notifying you when controls fall out of compliance and why while rolling up to actionable insights.

Cyber Risk Quantification & Analytics

Layer on risk quantification methods like the FAIR model or CyberSaint's own CyberInsights model to illuminate risk areas, communicate risk in dollars and cents, run scenario analysis, and track KRIs against your goals and objectives.

Cybersecurity Posture Automation

Communicate an actionable assessment of your cyber posture at any time through the lens of financial impact, risk, compliance, and business objectives. Project your results across new frameworks, automatically crosswalking existing data from one assessment to another to meet compliance and measure your posture in record time.

CyberSaint How It Works
  • Seamless integrations allow CyberSaint to ingest telemetry coming from the security tech stack, mapping data to controls "statically" and "dynamically" to answer questions such as "do you have a vulnerability management system?" and "how do the vulnerabilities identified affect your controls in place?" respectively.
  • Controls are scored automatically delivering a real-time assessment, dynamic compliance dashboards and reports. Compliance posture is projected across any framework or standard with automated crosswalking, fulfilling requirements in record time.
  • Control groups are tied to risks in the risk register, meaning the intelligence coming in from the security tech stack is also rolled up to risk dashboards, trend reports, and financial impact charts.
  • Risk quantification methodologies are available either out of the box (such as FAIR) or are fully customizable to your unique organization, providing a quantifiable view into risk based on your real-time cyber risk posture.

Comprehensive Solutions

Identify & Analyze

Illustrate & Prioritize

Act with Confidence


Differentiation Points

No Modules

CyberStrong provides a non-modular approach to cyber risk management, meaning data from compliance informs risk and so on without delay or need for integrations between modules


CyberStrong offers comprehensive feature sets for any organization, meeting customers where they are and providing a platform approach

Deploy Immediately

Implementing CyberSaint's solutions takes less than an hour, and time to value is immediate

Automate Assessments

CyberStrong continually analyses your cyber risk and compliance posture with CCA, automated crosswalking and more unlike manual methods

Powerful Integrations

Leverage integrations that will give you the biggest impact on your control posture and dynamically roll up to risk

Controls Tied to Risks

A fully integrated solution, CyberStrong ties control groups to risks in the risk register for accurate and automated risk tracking

Customizable Views

Dashboards are fully customizable, allowing you to view your organization's cyber posture by asset, business unit, geo, and more

Risk in Monetary Terms

Risk is quantified clearly and effectively using industry-recognized methods or a risk model that's unique to your organization

Prioritize Next Steps

Have a credible plan in place for how to meet compliance and reduce risk across the organization

Align on Goals

Align with executive leadership on goals and objectives for KRIs and risk tolerance

Flexible User Roles

CyberStrong aligns with the specific roles including CISOs and other executives, compliance and risk teams, analysts, auditors, and others


Set notifications to remind, alert, and communicate insights from the platform to the appropriate stakeholders

Tell Your Story

Tell a comprehensive story of your organization's cybersecurity posture in terms of compliance, risk, and return on investment

Custom Frameworks

Easily meet requirements across any framework, standard, or custom control set

Executive Risk Dashboarding
Scenario Analysis
Risk Register
Automated Control Assessment
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Why CyberStrong?

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