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CyberSaint Report 2022

The State of Ransomware Attacks in Healthcare

More About This Research:

Executive Summary

It’s widely acknowledged that healthcare systems lag behind in developing mature cybersecurity programs, all while ransomware rapidly evolves and becomes increasingly complex and sophisticated. Healthcare organizations struggle to benchmark themselves against other industries and prioritize what can be done to mitigate ransomware risk.

Using a meta-analysis, CyberSaint has developed its ransomware risk benchmarking report for the healthcare industry, designed to give healthcare systems better insight into their high-level ransomware risk and key areas of insight. 

This report gives healthcare CISOs, CIOs, cyber and IT risk managers and business leaders clear insight into their ransomware risk and how they can mitigate that risk moving forward. 

Notable Results

  • How healthcare ranks in the list of industries impacted by ransomware 
  • The level of ransomware readiness across the Healthcare sector 
  • Propsensity to pay, ability to restore data from backups, and more

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