Cybersecurity and IT Risk Management Simplified

As more organizations embrace a risk-based approach to cybersecurity program management, the ability for information security leaders and their teams to integrate data across both compliance and risk assessments becomes increasingly important. Furthermore, being able to track risks and the efforts to mitigate them has risen to prominence as Boards and CEOs demand more insight into the organizations security posture following headline-capturing cyber attacks in recent years. 

Cyber risk management solutions are a powerful way to support a risk management program and the best can enable the entire risk management process: from assessment, to risk quantification, to remediation efforts, and real-time reporting on that progress to stakeholders. 

In this overview, you’ll learn…

  • How integrated cyber and IT risk management tools support a future-facing security program
  • How features such as risk registers, and built-in risk management frameworks enable a wider range of cyber risk quantification 
  • How risk management software empowers cyber security leaders to present on security posture to business-side leadership

Present Cyber & IT Risk in Dollars and Cents

Illustrate program value with automated RoSI calculations, risk quantification, CAPEX / OPEX, and solution cost modeling.


Show How Risk is Trending Across the Organization

Present the impact of risk remediation to executive leadership.


Manage Expectations of Risk Over Time

Present in financial terms the costs and benefits of solutions versus investment in people or processes. 

Chief Information Security Officer
National Healthcare & Hospital Network

"We looked at other GRC and IRM platforms but they had staggering fees for implementation and integration, were overly complex, and the time-to-value was disappointing...CyberSaint’s approach is what CISOs like me have wished for for years.”