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CyberStrong for Audit Teams

As the third line of defense, auditors must be empowered to gain a clear insight into the cybersecurity posture of the organization and give clear direction to the risk management and compliance teams to improve resiliency. With the rise of data breaches and the impact that cyber events have been seen to have on both private and public companies alike, information security is increasingly looked at as a Board-level issue, auditors must be able to standardize across all information technology and information systems. 

A cybersecurity audit is a great undertaking and too often audit teams are faced with a jagged handoff process to risk and compliance teams. Whether using a modular audit tool or spreadsheets, audit teams need a platform that automates audit reports for leadership, clear language around the result and next steps from a compliance and risk assessment. Read CyberStrong streamlines the audit process for both internal and external audit.

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A Unified Language Across Teams

See how CyberStrong enables a common language across audit, risk, and compliance teams. 


Streamline the Handoff Process

Streamline the handoff process from audit with clear visualizations of what projects need attention.


Become an "Always-On" Function

See how CyberStrong enables continuous compliance and risk management at scale.

Director of Internal Audit
National Power Company

"The CyberStrong platform is what audit leads have been looking for - easy to manage, intuitive interface, immediate standardization across our entire enterprise. Our executives can see immediate traction and tangibly understand the value of our internal audit program."