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Streamlined Vendor Risk Management

As business shifts from an isolated, island mindset to an ecosystem of vendors and partners as peripheral competencies are outsourced, effective vendor risk management (VRM) has risen to prominence alongside internal risk and compliance management in an effective cybersecurity program. As organizations have seen negative press and cyber events as the result of poor vendor due diligence or disorganized third-party/vendor risk assessments. 

Too often, supply chain risk management teams are siloed off from other facets of a cybersecurity team as they do not address risks and regulatory compliance needs specific to the organization. However, as vendor relationships expand, managing risk, and effectively tracking vendor performance to a stronger security posture is just as critical as securing the organization itself. To effectively streamline and integrate vendor risk management program data alongside the assessment data of internal risk and compliance teams, information security leaders must look to a fully integrated solution like CyberStrong. 

Download the CyberStrong for Vendor Risk Teams and see how…

  • CyberStrong streamlines the vendor risk management process from assessment to remediation
  • CyberStrong enables organizations to manage any number of vendors, from a small group to hundreds
  • CyberStrong supports the handoff of vendor risk data to other internal stakeholders as well as illustrate that data to executive leadership

Unify Risk, Compliance, and Vendor Risk

Present vendor risk and compliance data alongside internal teams' assessments. 


Showcase the Importance of the Program

Integrating VRM data alongside internal risk and compliance contextualizes the program.


A Common Language for Security Teams

Present assessment data to executive leadership in clear business terms that enable strategic decision making. 

Chief Information Security Officer
National Healthcare & Hospital Network

"We looked at other GRC and IRM platforms but they had staggering fees for implementation and integration, were overly complex, and the time-to-value was disappointing...CyberSaint’s approach is what CISOs like me have wished for for years.”