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CyberStrong Platform Overview: Cybersecurity and IT Risk Automation


With cyber-attacks on businesses at an all-time high, it’s more crucial than ever to keep an eye out for potential cyber risks. These risks pose an even bigger threat when digitally transforming your business, especially while still using siloed, legacy platforms and spreadsheets to assess where you stand.

The CyberStrong platform provides the most automated way to manage cybersecurity risk while allowing you to meet continuous compliance.

This process begins by standardizing on frameworks and standards, automating control scores by pulling in telemetry from your existing security tech stack and centralizing the data in a single solution.

Get visibility into your cyber risk posture backed by data pulled from your systems, including configurations, vulnerabilities, and other data points to monitor continuous compliance and roll it all up to risk dashboards, reports, and metrics.

When you add CyberStrong to your security arsenal, your business has the tools it needs to stay one step ahead of even the most unprecedented cyber risks from assessment to Boardroom. And that’s thanks to a holistic, intuitive solution that keeps everyone in the know.

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