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The Executive Dashboard is CyberSaint’s latest addition to the CyberStrong platform. Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) and security leaders can use this new dashboard to take control of cyber risk communication and drive informed decision-making around cybersecurity strategy at the Board level. The CyberStrong Executive Dashboard utilizes Advisen cyber loss data to provide a range of configurable graphs that display the seamless combination of best practice industry reporting and internal risk management metrics. 

The Advisen data set is cyber risk actuarial data that enriches a comparison of your risk posture to industry and company-size peers. The set comprises over 20 years of data and has logged over 90,000 cyber events from verified sources. CISOs can leverage an enriched executive cyber security dashboard to provide context around cyber risk management and answer questions from Board Members and C-level executives like, What are some of the most significant attacks and incidents our company faces? And how can we improve our cyber risk posture? 

Get Started on Building Your Executive Dashboard

Administrators and Observers can view the Executive Dashboard in the CyberStrong platform. Only Administrators have access to editing the dashboard. The dashboard is broken down into four sections: 

  • Top Industry Cyber Security Risks 
  • Your Top Cyber Security Risks 
  • CSF Maturity
  • Other Framework Maturity. 

As administrators add required information to the setup process, the dashboard will update automatically so that the CISO reports in real-time instead of point-in-time metrics.

The setup process includes inputting information like:

  • Industry 
  • Estimated Revenue
  • Estimated Company Size
  • Risk Type (NIST 800-30, FAIR, or CyberInsight)
  • Risk Scenarios
  • Selected Risk Assessments
  • Top 3 Frameworks to Prioritize [An optional step] 

Once the dashboard has been configured with the added data, Administrators can still edit the dashboard and each section entirely or separately. Now that you’ve set up your Executive Dashboard let’s break it down graph by graph and see how each section can help enhance your board reporting and overall cyber risk management. 

Components of the Executive Dashboard 

Top Industry Cyber Security Risks 


The Advisen data enriches comparing your risk posture to industry and company-size peers. This pie chart represents an industry-set standard of the top industry cyber security risks. The risks and the number of events per risk within the graph will vary per selected industry, revenue range, and company size range.


Your Top Cyber Security Risks 

This chart helps provide insight into how your organization mitigates top

risks identified through continuous control automation (CCA) and manual score data. The treemap displays Your Top Cyber Security Risks, their current risk level, and their average financial loss exposure. The risk scenarios you select show a side-by-side comparison that allows you to assess your top cyber security risk against the industry’s leading cyber security risks.

CSF Maturity

This line graph displays your program’s historical maturity over time. The scored controls within your assessments have been aggregated and rolled into CSF maturity. The sundial gauge lets you clearly view your cybersecurity posture's current and target scores, lowest performing, and highest performing assessments. The highest-performing assessment can guide you when creating improvement strategies for the maturity of your lowest-performing assessment.

With a graph like this, CISOs can drill down by units or departments to compare program maturity and by top and bottom performers and overall average. This will provide context to what processes efficiently work and where improvements or investments may be needed. Give insight and show progress over time without technical jargon or getting lost in the weeds.

Other Framework Maturity 

This additional graph provides extra data around framework maturities relevant to the company. It adds another layer of visibility into every framework's current and target maturity score within your company’s environment. CISOs can use this to provide additional context around the company’s overall security posture in real time. Users can select from several frameworks available in the CyberStrong platform, including FedRAMP, GDPR, CIP, CIS Top 20, HIPAA, and other gold-standard frameworks. 

Prepare for Board Meetings with the Executive Dashboard 

Enter the boardroom with confidence. The Executive Dashboard equips CISOs and security leaders with real-time cyber risk data and additional context about program maturity. CISOs can lead cyber risk management discussions with board leaders and executives by relying on organizational assessment data, CCA, and industry risk benchmarking data to inform data-driven conversations and decisions. Informing leadership with clear, actionable insights is essential to growing and securing investment for your company’s cyber risk management program.

See CyberStrong’s Executive Dashboard in action in our latest webinar. To learn more about the benefits of an Executive Dashboard and the other cybersecurity dashboard available through CyberStrong in a demo, contact us here.

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