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What to Expect at the STRONGER Cybersecurity Event


In an increasingly digitalized world, the significance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. Cyber threats continue to evolve, posing immense challenges to organizations of all sizes. To stay ahead of these threats, professionals and businesses need to arm themselves with knowledge, skills, and innovative solutions. STRONGER, a fully free and virtual cybersecurity conference, aims to gather the cyber community together for an event that fosters collaboration, delivers top-of-mind industry insights, and enables knowledge sharing.

At CyberSaint Security, we are passionate about creating a strong and resilient cybersecurity community. The STRONGER conference is meticulously curated to bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and security enthusiasts under one roof. The core objective of STRONGER is to impart cutting-edge insights and empower attendees with the tools they need to tackle modern cyber challenges head-on. STRONGER 2023 will take place virtually from September 12th through September 14th.

The Thought Behind STRONGER

STRONGER is more than just a conference - it is a platform for education, networking, and more. STRONGER is an environment that encourages open dialogue, critical thinking, and problem-solving. By uniting cybersecurity and IT professionals from diverse backgrounds, we aim to fuel collaboration and build a stronger collective defense against cyber threats.

At STRONGER, speakers come from all backgrounds gather to deliver insights and help attendees prepare for upcoming trends and changes in the industry. Attendees and speakers can also use networking sessions at STRONGER to connect with peers. 

What Attendees Can Expect

STRONGER offers a multifaceted experience to its attendees. Following three tracks, Shaping the Cyber Landscape, Cyber Risk Management, and Pulse of Cyber, attendees will be guided through conversations relevant to cyber today. Attendees can expect a series of insightful keynote sessions from prominent figures in the cybersecurity industry. Keynote sessions feature expert speakers from Deloitte, Dell, IBM, EY, and more. These keynotes cover a wide range of topics, including emerging cyber threats, AI development, best practices for cyber risk management, and the future of the cybersecurity industry.

STRONGER sessions will feature expert speakers across the industry, sharing knowledge and facilitating conversations. Whether attendees are beginners or seasoned professionals, STRONGER sessions cater to all levels of expertise.

Past Successes and Memorable Sessions

STRONGER 2022 featured renowned cybersecurity experts who shared their expertise on threat intelligence, incident response, risk management, and compliance. Some speakers from last year’s conference include Rinki Sethi, VP & CISO at Bill, Nicole Dove, Head of Security of Games at Riot Games, and Chenxi Wang, Managing General Partner at Rain Capital.

Additionally, STRONGER 2022 facilitated networking opportunities that fostered connections extending beyond the event. Attendees have forged meaningful professional relationships, creating a supportive community that thrives on collaboration and continuous learning.

STRONGER 2023: What Lies Ahead

STRONGER 2023 speakers are gearing up to address the latest trends in cybersecurity at the conference in September. Expect deep dives into topics like AI-driven security, zero-trust architecture, cloud security, and much more.

CyberSaint Security's STRONGER conference is a must-attend cybersecurity event for anyone vested in the world of cyber. By fostering collaboration, promoting knowledge-sharing, and offering practical insights, STRONGER equips attendees with the skills and confidence to protect their organizations from the ever-evolving threat landscape. Join us at STRONGER 2023, September 12-14, by registering for free here.

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