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What is Cyber Risk Remediation?

Cyber risk remediation involves addressing and mitigating identified vulnerabilities, threats, and weaknesses within an organization's cybersecurity infrastructure. This encompasses patching software vulnerabilities, updating security configurations, implementing additional security controls, and conducting employee security awareness training. Remediation efforts aim to reduce the likelihood and impact of cyberattacks, enhance resilience to cyber threats, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards. It involves a proactive approach to continuously monitor controls, cyber risk assessments, and rapid risk responses.

CyberStrong empowers CISOs and security professionals with accurate risk remediation strategies with the Risk Remediation Suite. This cyber risk management solution develops custom risk scenarios with integrated actuarial data to provide visibility into potential business impact.

Security leaders can compare remediation plans across cost, resources, risk reduction, and ROI metrics. This enables data-driven prioritization based on business context, not just security priorities.

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