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Cyber Risk Remediation Software for Data-Driven Decisions

Prioritize Remediation Efforts Through Comprehensive Visibility


The Data You Need for Decisions That Matter.

Managing enterprise-wide cyber risk remediation is a complex undertaking. Siloed data and limited visibility into control gaps obstruct effective resource allocation.

CyberStrong's Remediation Suite brings together assessments, financial analysis, and tracking into a unified command center. Custom risk scenarios with integrated actuarial data provide visibility into potential business impact.

Security leaders can compare remediation plans across metrics like cost, resources, risk reduction and ROI. This enables data-driven prioritization based on business context, not just security priorities.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Cybersecurity Approach?

  • Gain greater understanding of the strengths of NIST SP 800-30, FAIR, and CyberInsight
  • The use cases for each risk quantification model
  • How best to use multiple risk models together

What to Deliver to the C-Suite

Know how to present cyber risk information to the C-suite that's actionable for strategic planning. 


Visualize Trends and Show Progress

Show ongoing progress to improve cybersecurity posture and present program activity at a high-level. 


Security and Privacy Together

Use automated GDPR reporting to illustrate compliance with both security and privacy requirements. 

Chuck Saia
Deloitte CEO of Risk and Financial Advisory

To engage senior leaders, the CIO and CISO should develop business-focused cyber risk reporting, rather than overly technical reports with a focus on business impacts and risks.