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CyberSaint Report 2022

The State of Ransomware

More About This Research:

Executive Summary

The increase in ransomware attacks has, in part, driven cybersecurity from the fray of siloed IT to center stage in the Boardroom. Many organizations are struggling to understand how ransomware risk management fits into their overall cyber and IT risk management program

Using a meta-analysis, CyberSaint has developed its ransomware risk benchmarking report designed to give businesses across industries better insight into their high-level ransomware risk and key areas of insight. 

This report gives cyber and IT risk managers and business leaders clear insight into their ransomware risk based on industry and how they can mitigate that risk moving forward. 

Notable Results

  • Top industries for ransomware risk 
  • Industries best able to restore data from backups 
  • Ransomware payout rates by indstry

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Information Security Director
DIB Manufacturing Organization

"CyberSaint has provided a fantastic overview of how strong our security procedures really are when compared to NIST and CMMC. Provides realistic goals and what kind of results can be expected from adding additional investment in personell, capital, or tooling."