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Survey: Cyber Risk Reporting Challenges and Opportunities

The ACSC and CyberSaint partnered for a comprehensive study on cyber risk reporting in large enterprises. The research aimed to uncover current practices, challenges, and opportunities.

Topics included board interest, effectiveness of reporting, frequency changes and more. This study offers valuable insights and recommendations to enhance cyber risk reporting, aiding organizations in bolstering their defense against cyber threats.

By identifying best practices and highlighting areas for improvement, the research can help organizations enhance their cyber risk reporting practices and better protect themselves against cyber threats.

Highlighted Research Questions We Asked:

  • How has the frequency of cyber risk reporting to the board of directors or board committee changed over the past 3-5 years?
  • Does your organization have a council or committee dedicated to overseeing cybersecurity that meets 2+ times per year?
  • What are the top two challenges you face in effectively communicating cyber risks to the board?
  • Considering the many priorities of board members and executives, which areas of your cyber program are regarded as the most critical by the board?
  • Has your Board of Directors expressed a desire for improvements in cyber risk reporting?

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