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Learn About CyberStrong's Automated Crosswalking

Crosswalking workflow

The CyberStrong platform leverages AI to decipher the actions and intent of the control, enabling a much more accurate mapping result.

Get credit for your work across requirements without spending time or resources on performing a new assessment or performing tedious mapping exercises of the past.

Learn more about the benefits of automated cybersecurity framework mappings in this technical overview.

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We've been innovating in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning since inception, and built our platform on patents that were approved starting in 2019.

Immediate Value

CyberStrong delivers immediate insights into customers' cyber risk posture, and most customers are active in system within one week or less.

Powerful Automation

Use Continuous Control Automation™ to automate control scoring, moving from point-in-time assessment to real-time. Plus, automate crosswalking as new frameworks come into play use data in one assessment to meet controls in another.