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Case Study

CBN Canadian Bank note


Financial Services & Banking


Ottawa, Canada


1500+ employees


Canadian Bank Note (CBN)


CBN needed a solution that could consolidate its cyber risk and compliance efforts while also providing automated solutions for cyber risk assessments and cross walking.


CBN was able to standardize and automate its cyber risk management processes for greater ease of use and gained real time visibility into its cyber risk posture.


Canadian Bank Note (CBN) has been a trusted security printer for Canada since 1897. CBN has since diversified beyond currency printing. They now offer solutions for border security, national identification systems, motor vehicle information systems, and measures to protect national currencies. CBN is a technological leader that aims to prevent monetary and document fraud at various scales. With over 1,500 employees, CBN works with customers in 80 different countries. In addition to their work with governments, CBN offers printing solutions and marketing development to small and large businesses.

Business Challenges

Extensive Regulatory Requirements | Manual Assessment Processes | Custom Framework Management | Expanded Attack Surface

As a large tech company that deals with finance and national security, security leaders at CBN faced top-down pressure to revitalize the cybersecurity program and evolve their program past the inefficiencies of spreadsheets. CBN needed to consolidate the risk and compliance efforts from three different divisions under a single platform. With a growing number of cloud applications, it became challenging for CBN to manage risk and compliance without a centralized approach supported by automation so that CBN

Crosswalking was a priority for CBN as it would help conduct internal gap analysis and provide enhanced transparency of the progress made as a whole and by division. CBN needed a solution that would cut the time and cost of manual risk assessment and crosswalking and that had access to multiple frameworks and could support custom control sets.

Solutions: CyberStrong By CyberSaint

Centralized Cyber Risk Management | Automated Crosswalking | Real-time Executive Reports | Seamless Integrations

With CyberStrong, CBN established a standardized cyber risk management strategy that further matured their program and centralized assessment data while aggregating evidence references. To organize CBN’s existing efforts, CyberStrong brought CBN’s various divisions into a single platform allowing for greater collaboration, ease of use, and standardization of risk and compliance efforts. With a centralized approach, CBN has the added flexibility to export different data models, utilize several integrations, and line up controls of various frameworks across departments. Using CyberStrong, CBN has access to the NIST CSF, PCI DSS, and the Commonwealth of Virginia Security Controls, which was custom-built into the platform for CBN.



Risk & Compliance Efforts from Various Divisions into a Single Platform


Greater Collaboration & Communication Across Divisions to Eliminate Redundant Manual Effort


Crosswalking Projects & Risk Assessments for Greater Accuracy & Assessment Velocity

Powered by patented AI, CyberStrong projects assessment data across CBN’s framework portfolio in real-time - vastly reducing the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of manual crosswalking projects and boosting time and cost-saving benefits. CyberStrong’s patented AI delivers more accurate results as the intent and action of the control are also considered. CBN now has many tools at its disposal and has gained real-time visibility into its cyber risk posture.
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