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What is NIST 800-171 Rev 3?

NIST SP 800-171 Revision 3 includes updates to the security requirements and families to reflect updates in NIST SP 800-53 Rev 5 and the NIST SP 800-53B moderate control baseline. The new version includes increased specificity for security requirements to remove ambiguity, improve the effectiveness of implementation, and clarify the scope of assessments. This version has also introduced organization-defined parameters (ODP) in selected security requirements to increase flexibility and help organizations better manage risk.

While a revision of NIST 800-171, specifically Rev 3, has been in the works, it has not been officially published.

  • Draft stage: The NIST released a final public draft of NIST 800-171 Rev 3 in November 2023 for public review and comment.
  • Current status: The public comment period for NIST 800-171 Rev 3 was extended to January 26, 2024. There hasn't been any official announcement regarding its publication since then.

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