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What You Need To Know

Integrated Risk Management Tools (IRM) and Solutions


Integrated Risk Management Tools and Solutions

The way that organizations manage information security, risk, and compliance is shifting. The needs of today’s cybersecurity leaders have gone beyond traditional GRC platforms - from board-level reporting and corporate governance to managing risk enterprise-wide and tailoring a cybersecurity strategy to the specific risk appetite of the organization. Integrated risk management (IRM) software and platforms are designed to meet these new needs of the modern CISO - tools and technologies that improve decision making, increase visibility and help propagate a risk-aware culture across the organization.

Gartner predicts that by 2021, 50 percent of large enterprises will use an IRM solution set to provide better decision-making capabilities. 

Determining what makes an integrated risk management (IRM) solution can be complicated - too many GRC solutions are clouding the market with the same product and new messaging. IRM goes beyond messaging - integrated risk management enables CISOs to put risk first and enables cyber risk to roll into operational risk and in turn general enterprise risk management. 

What should forward-thinking CISO's be looking for in integrated risk management software? What are the core aspects of an integrated risk management program? 

The CyberSaint Integrated Risk Management Solution Buying Guide goes in-depth into the features and functionality a strong IRM solution and the outcomes you can expect. 

  • Overview of the facets and use cases of integrated risk management
  • Analysis of why a compliance-based mindset will fail 
  • Critical features for a strong integrated risk management solution

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Backed by Patented AI

Patented AI and machine learning illuminate cleat paths to risk remediation.


Cyber As a Business Function

Make cyber risk management a business asset and enable risk-informed decisions. 


Unprecedented Time To Value

Not years, and not months - be up and running in weeks or hours with CyberStrong IRM. 

Security Risk & Compliance Manager
Mid-Sized Manufacturing Company

"It’s the single source of truth for compliance and risk management, as we have very large customers and highly regulated industries. If we didn’t use this platform, we would waste large amounts of time."