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What are Examples of Cybersecurity Dashboards?

Examples of cybersecurity dashboards include:

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) Dashboards: Provide real-time insights into security events, threat detection, and network activity.

Governance Dashboard: CyberStrong’s Governance Dashboards are ideal for helping CISOs present to the board. They provide real-time information and enable a seamless flow of information up and down the chain of command. CISOs can report on their cybersecurity program by conveying where control gaps exist and validating security investment.

Compliance Dashboards: Monitor adherence to regulatory requirements and internal security policies, ensuring compliance across the organization.

Incident Response Dashboards: Track the progress of ongoing security incidents, including response actions and resolution status.

Executive Dashboard: The CyberStrong platform offers a cybersecurity dashboard for the Board of Directors that centralizes key metrics for Board reporting. CISOs, CIOs, and security leaders can leverage this automated reporting tool to deliver data-backed insights on top risks, organizational maturity, and potential costs of risks. 

These dashboards offer actionable insights for enhancing cybersecurity defenses and making informed decisions.

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