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CyberSaint Named Top 10 Enterprise Security Startups for 2018


Cyber attacks continue to become more sophisticated by the minute, making it easier for hackers to exploit the weak spots of enterprise digital infrastructures. The need to ensure cyber security has become more imperative than ever. As reported instances of breaches continue to rise, the cyber security market is inevitably blooming and is estimated to reach a huge $100 billion by 2020. The recent past has witnessed the entry of a number of nimble startup whose founders have deep expertise in their sleeves. They leverage the most modern technologies in the space such as blockchain, analytics, AI and machine learning.

More importantly, the startup culture that they embrace is a token of the flexibility with which they can align to the unique requirements of their clients.

In this edition of Enterprise Security, we present you the “Top 10 Enterprise Security Startups - 2018”. In the last few months, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts including Enterprise Security editorial board reviewed the top companies in the domain, and shortlisted the ones that are at the helm of tackling the dynamic challenges of cyber Security. The companies compiled in this issue have exhibited extensive business process knowledge, along with in-depth, integrated, and innovative strategies in the security space.Cybersecurity has come into sharp focus as a critical business and technical problem that requires an innovative solution. Organizations are spending more on security to comply with changing regulations, supply chain demands, emerging threats, and evolving digitization of many businesses. The current point solution based approach towards cybersecurity is often lacking. Organizations need to implement a more holistic cybersecurity program that provides visibility and measurability of both internal security and the threat environment.

“It is time to manage cybersecurity as a dedicated business function. Organizations must be able to continuously measure, analyze, mitigate and report the organization's cybersecurity posture to all constituents," says George Wrenn, Founder and CEO of CyberSaint.

Addressing cybersecurity as an ongoing, adaptive process that meets business requirements, CyberSaint empowers organizations to build a cyber-resilient foundation by simplifying the adoption of the gold standard NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), a widely accepted national standard for cybersecurity. CyberSaint offers solutions that streamline the compliance process, increase visibility, and add clear metrics to ensure an efficient process that yields safer systems and increased cyber resiliency.

CyberStrong, a CyberSaint service as a software (SaaS) platform, builds a solid cybersecurity foundation with a simple strategic approach by delivering a comprehensive scorecard that provides measurable results, for all stakeholders and executive management to review. The platform is based on breakthrough patent-pending cognitive computing technology, powered by Amazon Web Services artificial intelligence and IBM Watson.

“CyberStrong implements NIST, ISO, IEC, COBIT, NERC and other bespoke security frameworks with simple to use workflows, understandable reports and executive dashboards. The platform delivers dynamic playbooks, driving continuous improvement based proactive cybersecurity program model," states Wrenn.

"It is time to manage cybersecurity as a dedicated business function. Organizations must be able to continuously measure, analyze, mitigate and report the organization's cybersecurity posture to all constituents"

Additionally, the platform optimizes cybersecurity program investments, bringing new levels of efficiency, risk measurement and cost savings through AI powered recommendations. Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Defense has issued regulations for defense contractors to comply with the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) to protect controlled unclassified information. To address this requirement, CyberStrong provides a proven methodology and measurement system needed to streamline DFARS compliance and accelerate NIST SP 800-171 adoption. Organizations can quickly attain DFARS compliance without detailed knowledge of NIST SP 800-171 and its myriad of specified controls with CyberStrong in a matter of hours.

“CyberStrong establishes an organization’s DFARS baseline, leveraging artificial intelligence and prioritizes gap remediation based on lowest cost and shortest path to compliance,” says Wrenn. Moreover, the platform measures overall DFARS compliance score, tracks progress, dynamically produces required SSP & POAM documents, and provides status reports for management, contract officers, and auditors.

CyberSaint is poised to provide tremendous value as organizations migrate away from a point solution approach toward viewing cybersecurity as an ongoing, adaptive process that engages more resources within a company.

“We honor your existing investments, and instead of displacing your current cybersecurity technology, our platform creates synergy to improve cyber resiliency,” remarks Wrenn.

The CyberSaint team brings an unmatched level of expertise with a combined experience of over hundred years in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity must be managed proactively, not reactively. CyberSaint helps measure, translate, communicate, and track a cybersecurity program that is precisely tailored to the organization's business requirements, customer demands, major security frameworks, and standards. CyberStrong is the only offering that delivers the NIST CSF national framework with its open scoring model and remediation engine powered by AWS AI. This allows cyber benchmarking as a service along with the cognitive recommendation to optimize cyber budget against objectives bringing new levels of efficiency and cost savings. CyberStrong has plans to expand into Europe in 2018 to help EU organizations meet many new cybersecurity regulations.

Originally posted in Enterprise Security Magazine.

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