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Vendor Risk Management

Implement a third party compliance and risk program that speeds up business productivity and future-proofs your organization for growth

IT Vendor Risk Management

Are there unknown risks in your supply chain?

Business is not done in silos. Partnerships fuel business growth and vendors are naturally a part of that expansion. Questionnaires frequently flow down to third parties from customers and umbrella organizations, and standardization is necessary especially at scale in order to identify unknown risks.

75% of the Fortune 500 will treat Vendor Risk Management as a board-level issue by 2020



CyberStrong Capabilities

CyberStrong automates risk and control assessments, remediation tracking, and reporting of third parties. Custom control sets can be tasked out to vendors, and CyberStrong provides infinite scale for even the largest supply chain. Minimize the unforeseen risks in your supply chain and forge partnerships from a place of strength. Here are just some of CyberStrong's IT VRM capabilities.

Automated Executive Dashboard

An automated Executive Dashboard and per-assessment dashboards aggregate third party compliance and risk data and are updated in real-time as third parties address their questionnaire, controls, and risk assessment

risk quantification dashboard cyberstrong

Based on NIST's 800-30 Risk Management Framework, measuring inherent and residual risk as well as risk based on various threat types

Vendor Questionnaire and Report List

Automated reports in the form of a standard Risk Assessment, System Security Plan (SSP) and Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM) for vendors to submit at anytime, or for others to view. Executive risk reports and others reports are available with the click of a button

Vendor List

View all of your third party assessments and prioritize by percent complete, framework or control set, CyberStrong score and more


The CyberStrong Experience.

Automated Vendor Risk and Compliance Management


Get up and running in hours, not weeks or months on a clear and optimized path forward. Expedite time-to-value and experience immediate ROSI with lighting-quick implementation that helps you focus your efforts for greatest impact.


Manage your entire cyber program from a single and centralized hub. Merge fragmented efforts and fine-tune performance to bring discordant tools and processes into harmony.


Measure what matters using customized metrics aligned and tailored to your business goals. Monitor performance, track progress, and analyze results.


Make cybersecurity easy for any team member to get around with a seamlessly intuitive interface. Deliver a human-friendly experience for cybersecurity know-it-all's and non-security professionals alike.


Ensure everyone knows what to do, and how to do it, by simplifying the complexity of compliance language. Distill complicated control language into actionable next steps without unnecessary jargon, or opt for the standard compliance guidance and supplementals.


Share your cybersecurity posture that is backed by data and easy for anyone to instantly understand with custom dashboards and on-demand access to the most important reports. Generate key reports for executive teams, boards, auditors, external partners and parties, for greater transparency and access to what matters most.

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