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Businesses are on the hunt for innovative third-party vendors in cyber risk management. Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Cyber and IT Risk Management 2020 report helps enterprises evaluate platforms that meet their risk management needs. With the COVID-19 pandemic shifting the security landscape, there are new demands for recovery solutions and management. Enterprises want cost-effective, targeted solutions that can adapt as quickly as business digitization. 

Industry-established risk management vendors need help to keep up. Management platforms must innovate alongside businesses to support the new organization of digital business, a mix of in-office, remote work setups, and new tech. This invites a different scale of business and operations that legacy governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platforms cannot manage. 

Transitioning Out of GRC Technology 

There are several recommended steps CISOs and security practitioners can take. You must assess your platform for capability gaps to evaluate what new tools and solutions can assist your organization.

Enterprises need a platform to manage risk management and scale with more targeted functions.

How CyberSaint Can Help 

CyberSaint’s CyberStrong platform offers a multitude of IT risk and cyber management tools for your security tech stack. CyberStrong is unique in that it can deliver real-time updates to compliance standards. This IT risk management platform uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to operationalize threats and vulnerabilities. 

Since CyberStrong can provide all of this in a single platform, businesses can receive these feeds in a streamlined manner. CyberStrong also uses NLP to operationalize data from identity and access management, security information and event management (SIEM), security orchestration, analytics and reporting (SOAR), and cloud infrastructure platforms. The platform can automatically assess these feeds against the business’s assets and controls, saving company resources and time. 

Instead of exhausting resources on in-house or outsourced crosswalking projects, CyberStrong can perform automated crosswalks across one to many frameworks. The tech platform is compatible with DFARS, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, NERC CIP, COBIT, PCI DSS, GDPR, Center for Internet Security (CIS), ISO 27001/2, and custom security frameworks. 

With CyberStrong’s Governance Dashboard(s), organizations gain real-time insights into the enterprise’s cybersecurity posture to enhance reporting capabilities for various use cases and roles. The platform automates reports on system security plans (SSP), plans of action and milestones (POAM), NIST CSF Scorecard, and ROSI tracking. CyberStrong’s ROSI capabilities are supported by the FAIR model and NIST 800-30. Users can also utilize their customized model in CyberStrong.

Instead of employing several disparate third-party solutions, CyberStrong is one of the few platforms that offer board- and executive-level reporting, automated crosswalking, and cyber risk quantification all in a single integrated solution. It is one of the few IT risk management platforms offered through the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace. 

Vertically aligned mature organizations and first-time buyers should consider CyberStrong for IT risk management. To learn more about how CyberSaint can advance your cybersecurity strategy, contact us.

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