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Thought Leadership, IT Risk Management

Cybersecurity Risks Have Changed Due to COVID-19 - Has Your Strategy Changed With Them?


CyberSaint will host a cybersecurity risk management webinar, live on June 17th, 2020at 12:00pm EST and available on-demand when you register to attend with this link

The recent COVID-19 pandemic clearly shows us that risk management must be a clear priority from now through the end of 2020.

While most organizations focus on managing compliance, some organizations have identified ways to promote continuous compliance within their organizations, making compliance more achievable and making way for a risk-based approach.

To go beyond static risk assessments, there are a few key actions that security leaders can take today that promote a continuously risk-aware culture and program.

Our Principal Solutions Architect, Steve Torino, will discuss these helpful strategies that transform compliance programs to risk-based programs including:

  1. How risks have changed and what risks have emerged as priorities with the rise of COVID-19, the shift to remote work, and more
  2. How to prioritize remediation activities across people, process and technology controls
  3. How these trends should inform your risk management strategy for the remainder of 2020
  4. Much more and a Q&A

cybersecurity risk management


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