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With the latest release of updates to the CyberStrong platform, we are dedicated to providing solutions that empower you to assess your security posture effectively and communicate data-backed insights seamlessly. We’ve added updates to heat maps, associating controls, industry risk data, and more so that your team can leverage the automated power of CyberStrong to its total capacity. 

Keep reading below to learn more about the new features we’ve added to CyberStrong and how you can leverage them for efficient cyber risk management

Custom Heat Maps

Many organizations have unique methods to quantify and display risk likelihood, impact, and risk appetite definitions. Each team has its own defined color schemes and heat maps based on the organization's needs and characteristics. 

In CyberStrong, you can now create new custom heat maps that are either 3x3, 4x4, or 5x5.  Once selected, you will need to populate the values for likelihood and impact, including:

  • Likelihood and impact labels
  • Colors
  • Legend 

With these new customization options, you can adjust your likelihood and impact heat map and financial impact by risk grid with your unique values, organization schemes, and terminology. This new feature will empower you to display risk data into your specific needs that align with your risk management goals. By leveraging more accurate and aligned visuals, you can effectively communicate critical risk information to their decision-makers.

Custom heat maps are available for the NIST 800-30 model.

Associating Controls to Industry Risks

When adding industry risks, you can now select an assessment to map controls to the corresponding industry risks. The controls from the assessment will automatically be mapped to each risk.

Here are some critical steps to note for this new feature: 

  • The controls will be updated and synced as long as the industry risk is synced.
  • To edit the controls, the industry risk must be editable (i.e., not synced).
  • If an industry risk is re-synced with our industry data, then all current control associations are cleared, and only the associations from industry data are used. 


By associating controls with industry risks, you can quickly assess your organization to understand the overall risk posture compared to your industry peers. Control mappings are currently available for NIST 800-53, which supports the NIST 800-30 and FAIR risk models. 

Updated Likelihoods for Industry Risks 

CyberSaint is dedicated to providing you with the most updated and accurate data available. We have added likelihood updates for industry risk data based on the Advisen data set using a Poisson-Lognormal calculation. Additionally, we will implement a new log normal calculation that will update all risks overnight. Users will be notified via email for each update job. 

By updating the data, you will yield higher and more accurate likelihood estimates. These updates support synched and unsynched NIST and FAIR risk presets. It also supports CyberInsight risks, specifically Annualized Loss Expectancy (ALE).

Complete and Recur Controls 

With this new update, you can now repeat the assessment of a control on a preset frequency, allowing for a continuous assessment management process. The recurrence schedule will be set on a control (i.e., assessment or framework level).

The following cadence options are supported:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly

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