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What To Expect From The Imminent Revisions To Two Of NIST's Most Popular Frameworks

on March 26, 2019
While the NIST Privacy Framework may be the headliner for the most anticipated new publication from the ...
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DFARS Cybersecurity Audits: What to Expect

on February 21, 2019
It’s getting real – the government is moving from self-reported compliance to external audits of a company’s ...
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Department of Defense Launches First DFARS Compliance Audit

on January 29, 2019
The Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) mandate, specifically Clause 252.204-7012 ...
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National Cyber Strategy Signals Changes To DFARS Mandate

on October 4, 2018
As of December 2017, any member of the Department of Defense supply chain needed to implement the NIST ...
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Cybersecurity Manufacturing At MassMEP

on September 28, 2018
On Thursday, September 26, the Massachusetts manufacturing community gathered in Worcester for the MassMEP ...
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Applying NIST's Supply Chain Risk Management Protocol

on July 23, 2018
The Target security breach affected millions of consumers, it received widespread publicity, and it cost the ...
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Alison Furneaux

The Pentagon to Include Contractor Security Into Buying Decisions - How Contractors Can "Deliver Uncompromised"

on July 17, 2018
A four-pronged effort at the Pentagon ignites a new program entitled “Deliver Uncompromised” targeted at ...
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Alison Furneaux

Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement Overview for Companies with Defense-Related Revenue

on July 9, 2018
If your company generates Department of Defense(DoD) related revenue, you likely fall under DFARS. Take a ...
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Alison Furneaux

State of Ohio Passes Law That Would Provide Safe Harbor to Companies Standardizing on NIST Standards and More

on June 14, 2018
Originally published in Lexology. Senate Bill 220, also known as the Data Protection Act, was recently ...
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Alison Furneaux

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