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GRC Automation

Automate IT compliance and eliminate manual effort by up to 90%

Meet risk and compliance requirements proactively and continuously across all frameworks and standards.
Redefine the GRC experience by automating compliance, audit, IT, vendor, and digital risk management and reporting. 


CyberStrong is the only solution that automates compliance and risk assessments as data in your security tech stack changes. CISOs, Cyber Risk teams, and executives use these real-time insights in order to make better business decisions and to take the risks that matter to their success.

Compliance Management Automation

Achieve continuous compliance while eliminating unnecessary manual effort. Stay ahead of regulatory changes and requirements with compliance control documentation, assessment, and automated crosswalks. Drill-down to control level from overall assessment, framework functions and categories.

IT Risk Management Automation

Build resilience by anticipating even the most unprecedented risks. Create a risk-aware culture with best practices, policies, procedures, reporting, and business impact analyses across the entire organization.

Vendor Risk Management Automation

Automate risk and control assessments, remediation tracking, and reporting of third parties. Minimize risks in your supply chain with credible risk scoring, instant vendor reporting, and vendor assessment monitoring.

Digital Risk Management Automation

Automate compliance for frameworks such as NIST’s new IoT digital standards. Develop a risk profile for each asset and pair each control with a risk calculation to enable an expansive view of risks.

Audit Management Automation

Use credible data to review risk and compliance status in a fast and more standardized process. Automate workflow, scheduling and measurement across risk and compliance controls.


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