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CyberSaint Customer Stories

Learn how our customers become CyberStrong by adopting automated, intelligent compliance and risk management

Accelerating Integrated Risk Management

Becoming CyberStrong

CyberSaint customer Michael Clarence discusses how CyberStrong enabled his team to standardize, track, and report on continuous compliance and empowered the entire company to achieve more visibility into their risk management practices globally.
As a company doing business with government entities, leading defense and aerospace organizations, and other highly regulated industries, Mike needed to find a solution that would take an integrated approach to compliance and risk management across a fragmented enterprise.

Global Engineering Solutions Provider Proactively Manages Business Risks


Read about why Senior Plc uses CyberStrong to prove and scale DFARS and NIST SP 800-171 compliance to future-proof its Department of Defense-related business.

Fortune 500 Childcare Provider Automates Compliance Management


Read about how Bright Horizons Family Solutions, the largest employee sponsored childcare provider in the world, manages NIST Cybersecurity Framework alignment, measurement, and communication using CyberStrong.

Enterprise Tech Company Implements an IRM at Scale


Read why a Silicon Valley enterprise technology company chose CyberStrong to implement their integrated risk management program to streamline their partnerships and enhance visibility as they continue to expand into highly regulated industries.

Healthcare Network Standardizes on Integrated Risk Management


Read why UMass Memorial Medical Center selected CyberStrong to standardize and scale its Integrated Risk Management strategy as opposed to building a tool in-house, or going with a traditional GRC product.

Cutting-Edge Scale-Up Secures for Growth


Read why Paperless Parts chose CyberStrong to build their Integrated Risk Management program to secure more business and differentiate itself in the manufacturing technology industry. 

Leading Telecom Consulting Firm Achieves More with IRM Platform


Read how industry-leading services provider Vertek realized the value of their program using the CyberStrong platform; unifying risk and compliance teams and delivering agile, real-time reporting both internally and externally.

State & Local Government Standardizes on CyberStrong


Read why Salt Lake County, the largest county in Utah, chose CyberStrong to standardize its risk and compliance program to achieve more and manage new and unprecedented risks as they emerge.

Defense and Aerospace Organization Shifts to Distributed Team Using CyberStrong


Read how defense and aerospace leader Arrow Tank and Engineering navigated the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to remote work by standardizing their cybersecurity program on CyberStrong. 

Why Choose CyberStrong?

Our customers use CyberStrong to access an unprecedented view of cybersecurity compliance and risk across all business units, assets, assessments, as well as partners, suppliers and other third parties. CyberStrong enables security leaders to implement an integrated risk management strategy that supports a risk-aware culture, improves decision making and performance, and seamlessly communicates program success both up and down the chain of command.

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