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DFARS and CMMC Compliance

DFARS and CMMC compliance is required in order for a company to receive a contract with the Department of Defense (DoD). Any organization that processes, stores, or transmits Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) must undergo compliance testing to validate their cybersecurity practices.

A third-party security assessment must be performed to make sure that a vendor meets all the requirements of DFARS and CMMC compliance regulations before eligibility for defense contracts is given.

Certified third-party assessment organizations (C3PAOs) have to be verified by the CMMC Accreditation Body prior to assessment..

DFARS and CMMC Compliance Requirements

The Federal Register lays out the DFARS and CMMC compliance requirements as follows:

  • In order to achieve a specific CMMC level, a DIB company must demonstrate both process institutionalization or maturity and the implementation of practices commensurate with the level.
  • CMMC assessments will be conducted by accredited CMMC Third Party Assessment Organizations (C3PAOs) and upon completion, a company is awarded a certification by an independent CMMC Accreditation Body (AB) at the appropriate CMMC level.
  • The certification level is documented in SPRS to enable the verification of an offeror’s certification level and currency (i.e., not more than three years old) prior to contract award.

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