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CyberStrong FedRAMP Moderate Controls

FedRAMP’s moderate security level controls are required for any cloud service provider solution that accesses and stores personally identifiable information (PII) that, if compromised, could result in serious consequences for the organization using the solution.


Protect data confidentiality, integrity, and availability with CyberSaint in accordance with FedRAMP security objectives.

Security Objective: Data Confidentiality

This objective is based on preserving authorized restrictions on information access and dissemination. A moderate level impact means that a confidentiality breach could have a serious impact on an organization’s proprietary information as well as individuals who work for the company.

Security Objective: Data Integrity

This objective is based on preventing unauthorized data modification or destruction. A moderate impact level impact means that an integrity breach could have a serious impact on the organization and its employees.

Security Objective: Data Availability

This objective is based on access to and the reliability of information. A moderate impact level means that an availability breach could have a serious adverse effect on an organization's data and employees.

FedRAMP Moderate Control Requirements

Moderate level requirements for FedRAMP have 325 controls, including…

43 Access Controls

32 Systems and Communications Protection Controls

28 System and Information Integrity Controls

27 Identification and Authentication Controls

26 Configuration Management Controls

23 Contingency Planning Controls

22 System and Services Acquisition Controls

20 Physical and Environmental Protection Controls

17 Incident Response Controls

16 Security Assessment and Authorization Controls

12 Maintenance Controls

10 Audit and Accountability Controls

10 Media Protection Controls

10 Risk Assessment Controls

9 Personnel Security Controls

6 Planning Controls

5 Awareness Training Controls

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