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GRC Risk Management

Mitigate the risks that stand in your way so you can take the risks that actually matter to your organization


Always know the best risk mitigation plan going forward

Security leaders are no strangers to the task of managing the evolving cyber risk landscape, especially in highly regulated industries. A holistic risk management program combines technology, process, and data to enable the simplification, automation, and integration of both strategic and operational management processes related to compliance and risk.

CyberStrong Capabilities

CyberStrong provides comprehensive measurement and a top-down view of risk across all business units, assets, and compliance functions. CyberStrong is also the only IRM platform to provide truly actionable and prioritized threat intelligence based on the controls that matter to your assets. 

Align and measure compliance controls to risk management initiatives

CyberStrong’s intuitive risk management functionality lets customers create, measure, and manage security groupings in the form of existing controls along with their unique risk profiles. Cyber and IT Risk teams can easily measure current risk mitigation plans and control compliance posture that is directly aligned with their unique set of frameworks, standards and control sets.

Breakthrough control optimizations

CyberStrong’s patented control optimization uses credible machine learning and artificial intelligence for faster risk management decision-making. CyberStrong maps data on people, processes, technology, risks, and costs against your current gaps to provide an optimization that identifies low-hanging fruit opportunities to mitigate risk while encouraging “always-on” continuous improvement.

Illustrate risk-mitigation over time

CyberStrong users seamlessly manage executive expectations for risk reduction, visualizing improved risk posture over time in accordance with defined risk management goals and objectives. CISOs, CIOs, and CROs are able to create tribal knowledge of risk management across departments by leveraging clear measurement that all stakeholders understand, and by achieving alignment with the NIST Risk Management Framework and others.

Executive risk reports

CyberStrong features an Assessment Summary Report, Assessment List Report, Standard Risk Report, Risk Assessment Report, and an Optimization Report. Any of these reports can be exported out of the platform with one click and are always up-to-date with mitigation activities within a security program, enhancing the discussion around risk at the management level.

Return on security investment measuring and reporting

CyberStrong allows security and risk leaders to illustrate changes in cybersecurity risk over time -whether transferred, accepted or managed - in addition to the Return on Security Investment across risk management initiatives. Create tribal knowledge of risk management across departments by leveraging clear measurement that all stakeholders understand while aligning with frameworks such as the NIST.

Automated CVE-to-control mapping for actionable vulnerability intelligence

CyberStrong provides you with the first and only automated CVE-to-control mapping, measurement and remediation suggestions. NIST’s National Vulnerability Database, paired with our patented algorithms, allow you to “what-if” your entire security infrastructure with powerful analysis that promotes action. Until now, there’s been no mapping that exists from the Common Vulnerability Enumeration to your live controls, allowing for continuous, real-time risk management within your assessment environments. Vulnerability intelligence is now actionable, specific to your risk posture, and provides guidance on what to do next.

Risk-quantification and analytics

NIST 800-30 Risk Management Framework, the FAIR Model, and many other risk measurement methodologies are built into CyberStrong for rapid risk quantification. CyberStrong provides an unparalleled view of enterprise-wide risk, and the flexibility to view mitigated, residual, and inherent risk in dynamic ways that spur decision making and focus.


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