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CyberStrong FedRAMP Certification Levels

Providers of cloud services to any government entity need to understand the level of their security processes and procedures in relation to the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP).

Gain FedRAMP compliance while gaining a competitive advantage

If you want to compete for a government contract, you better know your impact level.

In order to comply with FedRAMP standards, companies must maintain certain levels of security controls within their cloud solutions. There are three impact levels: low, moderate, and high. The more controls required, the higher the level of impact.


CyberStrong Capabilities

CyberStrong’s automated compliance solution has built-in features that help organizations meet ever-changing regulatory requirements across many different security frameworks, including FedRAMP certification.

FedRAMP Certification Levels Defined

  • LOW: A low impact level indicates minimal financial loss or damage to an organization’s reputation in the event of a data breach. 
  • MODERATE: A moderate impact level means there would be a significant financial loss and damage to the organization’s reputation.
  • HIGH: A high impact level occurs in industries such as law enforcement, financial organizations, and healthcare systems, where a data breach could pose immense financial and reputational damage as well as life-threatening consequences.


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