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What is a BISO?

BISO is an acronym for Business Information Security Officer. A Business Information Security Officer is a senior position within an organization that is tasked with bridging security strategies with overall business strategies. Specifically, the role of a BISO is to communicate how security directly affects a company’s bottom line and to encourage security best practices throughout all departments in an effort to improve business processes as a whole.



Characteristic CISO BISO
Focus Overall cybersecurity program for the organization Cybersecurity for a specific business unit or department
Responsibilities Set security strategy, develop and implement security policies and procedures, manage the security team, and respond to security incidents. Work with the CISO to develop and implement security policies and procedures tailored to their business unit's needs to ensure compliance with cybersecurity regulations.
Reporting structure Typically reports to the CEO or another senior executive May report to the CISO or a different senior executive


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