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CyberSaint Sets New Industry Standard by Launching Free Cyber Risk Analysis, Powered by Patented AI & Largest Cyber Loss Dataset


BOSTON, MA -CyberSaint, the leader in cyber risk management, announced today the launch of its Free Cyber Risk Analysis, providing a user’s top industry risks and related controls in just three clicks, powered by patented AI and the largest cyber loss dataset in the world.

“CyberSaint’s Free Cyber Risk Analysis quickly educates the public about what risks they should be tracking and what controls will buy down the most risk to inform their assessment strategy,” said John Wheeler, creator of the Integrated Risk Management category while at Gartner, and CEO & Founder of Wheelhouse Advisors. “CyberSaint continues to offer advanced applications of AI for cyber risk management, and the company’s approach to providing immediate value to enterprises across the globe has positioned them for success as the market matures. I am excited to continue to track CyberSaint’s innovations moving forward.”

Free Risk Analysis

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  • Your Top 5 Industry Cyber Risks: Visibility into the key risks specific to a company’s peer group, all while helping to prioritize cybersecurity efforts where they matter most.
  • Which NIST 800-53 Controls to Focus On: A list of controls that directly address identified risks, equipping companies with the knowledge to fortify defenses effectively.
  • Interactive Platform Experience: Ability to explore CyberStrong’s intuitive platform for yourself, showcasing the elements that can enhance your cyber risk management strategy.

“With the SEC Cyber Rules in full swing and more cyber regulations on the horizon, the ability to quickly determine cyber posture is imperative. With the Free Cyber Risk Analysis launch, we leverage AI and actuarial data to empower security teams with immediate insights on cyber posture across the entire organization. This will directly improve and simplify communication with key stakeholders on a very complex issue,” said Padraic O’Reilly, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at CyberSaint.

Powered by patented AI and actuarial data, CyberStrong enables customers to master their cyber risk posture and drive executive alignment by automating compliance and translating cyber risk into financial terms. Customers trade manual processes for compliance automation, replace black-box scoring with transparent and credible cyber risk quantification, and consolidate point solutions into a single, unified platform.

To access the Free Cyber Risk Analysis, please visit:

About CyberSaint

CyberSaint's mission is to empower today's organizations to build a cybersecurity program that is as clear, actionable, and measurable as any other business function. CyberSaint's CyberStrong platform empowers cybersecurity teams, CISOs, and Boards to assess, measure, remediate, and communicate cyber risk with agility and alignment.


Twitter: @CyberSaintHQ

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