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GRC Platform & Tools

Seamlessly integrate all cybersecurity and IT risk and compliance functions with one powerfully automated approach


Embrace flexibility, agility, and automation in the digital age driven by Integrated Risk Management principles

A holistic risk management program combines technology, process, and data to enable the simplification, automation, and integration of both strategic and operational management processes related to compliance and risk.

CyberStrong Capabilities

CyberStrong is the only solution that automates compliance and risk assessments as data in your security tech stack changes. CISOs, cyber risk teams, and executives use these real-time insights to make better business decisions and take the risks that matter to their success.

Automate assessments by 90% and achieve continuous compliance

CyberStrong’s compliance management tools help you eliminate unnecessary manual effort, continuously improve your compliance posture, and easily stay ahead of the accelerating pace of regulatory change. Experience rapid implementation and immediate ROI while building a future-proofed cybersecurity program that offers a language for cybersecurity that anyone can understand. The result? A more efficient process increased productivity and a shared plan of action for a stronger, more scalable cyber program.

  • Compliance control documentation, assessment, and automated crosswalks
  • Automated team-wide workflow
  • Any framework or standard (NIST, DFARS, ISO27001/2, CIS, PCI, CCPA, GDPR, etc.)
  • Automated compliance measurement and visualization
  • Drill-down analysis from the overall assessment, framework functions, framework categories, to the per control level
  • Security Return on Investment-backed recommendations for mitigation

Build resilience by anticipating even the most unprecedented risks

The CyberStrong platform helps security leaders standardize a risk-aware culture and cyber best practices, policies, procedures, reporting, and business impact analyses across the enterprise, including Vendor Risk Management and IT Risk Management areas. With the united goal of building a strong foundation for business growth, knowing the asset landscape and what risk areas to prioritize is critical. CyberStrong empowers supply chain managers and C-level executives to stay organized and aware of existing and potential threats that come with business growth and digital transformation.

  • Automated Business Impact Assessment (BIA)
  • Credible risk quantification and risk profile creation
  • CIA triad classification and visualization
  • Threat type classification and visualization
  • Breakthrough risk visibility for informed decision-making
  • Financial data collection for remediation and risk analysis
  • Governance dashboard view of assets and associated gaps in security and risk posture

Stand confident in your program effectiveness with real-time assurance

CyberStrong empowers CISOs in the boardroom with assurance capabilities for executives, auditors and more. Designed for collaboration between assessors, auditors, IT teams, CISOs and non-technical leaders, CyberStrong's Audit Management capabilities let compliance and risk teams track progress against a shared plan of action and help internal and external stakeholders measure, manage, and view documented compliance and risk status and evidence. Audit-ready reports, real-only capabilities, assessment dashboards, and enterprise-wide rollups enable key decision makers to quickly and credibly assess the organization’s posture and give actionable advice to mitigate risk.

  • AI-powered risk mitigation action planning
  • Evidence attachment and control review to reduce human error
  • Automated board and executive-level dashboards
  • Over 10 dynamically updated reports for auditor review
  • Full library of policy and procedure templates
  • Dynamically updated, audit-ready reports
  • Target vs. current goal setting and tracking


Digitally transform risk and compliance internally and externally

The CyberStrong platform empowers teams to automate the manual aspects of Digital Risk Management and Vendor Risk Management data gathering, visualization and reporting while providing an expansive view of cybersecurity risks across the organization. Easily manage compliance and risks across all physical, digital or third party assets with custom questionnaires. CyberStrong suggests steps to close gaps based on a patented, real-time threat feed that keeps both your team and your vendors on high alert.

  • Powerful risk quantification and analytics
  • Actionable threat intelligence and prioritization
  • Custom vendor questionnaires supported
  • Supply chain-wide data aggregation and automated reporting
  • Scalable SaaS interface for unlimited assessments

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